My name is Željko Konosić. I am actively engaged in long-distance running in my home country of Croatia, where at one time I was national champion and a member of the national team.

I believe that running in the world's top locations in combination with a sightseeing tour is a really big attraction.
That is why We have established 'Croatian Pearls Association', with the goal of promoting not only running, but also Croatian natural and cultural heritage through a variety of sporting events and manifestations.

One of these events is Brijuni halfmarathon which is held in Brijuni National Park, a unique archipelago in the Adriatic coast, close to the town of Pula.
Brijuni are very well known destination, famed for their safari park, archaeological sites dating from Roman and Byzantine times and diverse flora and fauna, as well as a residence of Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito.

The second event is Ston Wall Marathon, which takes place in Ston, located 50 km from Dubrovnik. Ston is medieval little town with whose history reaches back as far as the 14th century.It is a small town with the longest stone wall in Europe(5,5km),with narrow quiet streets,noble ancient houses and with traces of ancient cultures.
Its former value as a „salt city“ gets confirmed even today in the plants of the oldest active salt-works in the world.These saltworks have remained faithfull to the tradition and to the natural way of salt production which has not changed since remote ages.
It has been well-known for its mussel and oysters-growing farm since Roman times,and the oysters from Ston(ostrea edulis),as an acknowledged natural aphrodisiac has made this region world-famous.

Ston Wall Marathon is a member of AIMS.

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Ston Wall Marathon:

Alan Young from UK participated in the Ston Wall Marathon 2017. It was his 100th marathon of his life. He said the hundredth marathon had to be something special. So he chose the Ston Wall Marathon and was very pleased with the race and destination.
That's why we decided to offer you a collaboration by including the Ston Wall Marathon in your marathon list. We will give a free entry fee to any competitor who decides to run his 100th, 200th, etc in Ston ...
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

Željko Konosić